Right Strategy

Gilgamesh strategic vision is to develop and grow a sustainable enterprise into a world-scale and world-competitive manufacturer of niche high-value metal chemicals and battery materials based on the beneficiation and value-addition to Southern and Central African mineral resources through the leveraging of specialized technical expertise, know-how and strategic partnerships and alliances. Key strategic elements driving the development of the base-minerals beneficiation company are:

  • Creating sustainable value through the company’s expertise of beneficiating mineral resources and through the application of specialized technical knowledge in the manufacture of chemical and other high-tech metal products;
  • Creating a proprietary technical, processing and marketing know-how for the company which would be directly translatable into competitive advantage in the global market place;
  • Entering into joint-venture partnerships in the mining and minerals processing fields thereby enabling the company in terms of long-term access and sourcing of mineral resources;
  • Creating a global footprint in the field of metal chemicals to the benefit of all the company’s customers, its employees and shareholders, its joint-venture partners and the Southern African community.
  • Committing to the principles of good corporate governance, sustainable and environmentally -friendly development, social upliftment, training and development as well as innovation.


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