November 1, 2017

The Chinese government has made a number of recent announcements on the future of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs)

As reported by the London based CRU Group, a wide range of policies over the past couple of years have been imposed to support the growth of the NEV industry in China, largely driven by the Chinese government's firm intention to tackle the social impact of pollution on the urban population and the reliance on imported foreign oil supplies. Beijing has already called for one out of every five cars sold in China to run on alternative fuel by 2025. See also China Hastens A Global Move To Electric Cars.

CRU has been examining the implications of China's NEVs policy, and will soon release its new Lithium Market Outlook to 2027 covering lithium supply, demand, prices and costs to support market activity and strategic operations.

CRU also provides similar coverage of cobalt in their 2017 Cobalt Market Outlook service. The analysis carried out by CRU may be accessed via the link below:
Will China's recent NEV policies lead to a new industry being created in Australia?


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