Cobalt Prices

  • The cobalt prices as listed in the London Metal Bulletin have improved in 2016 from near-term low in 2015 and metal cathodes are now in the range of US$30/lb (LME cash price $60,500/ton as of 31 Aug 2017, source CRU).

  • Cobalt Chemicals such as sulphate and oxide receive premium of 0-30% for cobalt units contained
  • Current premium 5-10% over metal cathodes
  • CRU projects current deficit to continue supporting prices between US$27-US$33/lb to 2026.
  • Bernstein predicts sustained period of cobalt prices in excess of last peak in 2008 (US$48/lb) needed to stimulate new discoveries to meet “most significant demand-pull in the history of cobalt industry".


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